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The film and television industry supports a dynamic creative economy in Canada, employing people in every province, across a diversity of skill sets and trades. In 2018/19, more than 180,900 people – from special effects technicians to makeup artists to sound editors, carpenters and more – worked in jobs supported by the industry, with the total volume of film and television production reaching a record $9.32 billion and generating a GDP of $12.8 billion for the Canadian economy.


When a movie or television show shoots on location, it brings with it jobs, revenue, and related infrastructure development. Physical productions provide an immediate boost to the local economy, creating a ripple effect on job creation and innovation in other industries. In some cases, popular productions can also boost tourism.

In 2018/19 global studio projects like Shazam!, Riverdale, Dark Phoenix and more contributed to a total of $4.87 billion volume in Foreign Location Service (FLS) production across the country, and supported the employment of over 94,400 Canadians on a full-time basis.

To learn more about the economic contribution of film and television production in Canada read our highlights from Profile 2019: Economic Report on the Screen-Based Media Production Industry in Canada. 

Production Across Canada

Sonic the Hedgehog Spins Up Over $37.5 Million for BC Economy

Playing with Fire Heats up BC Economy, Sparking over $19.5 Million in Production Spending

Star Trek: Discovery on an Economic Mission for Ontario, Spending over $257 Million in just Two Seasons

Warner Bros.’ IT CHAPTER TWO Scares up a Hair-Raising $56.4 Million for Ontario’s Economy

Twentieth Century Fox / Marvel’s Dark Phoenix a Cosmic Force for Quebec, Powering Local Economy with more than $189 Million

ABC Studios’ A Million Little Things Brings Big Benefits to BC Economy, Spending over $27 Million in First Season

New Line Cinema/DC’s Shazam! Supercharges Ontario’s Economy, Spending over $55 Million on Production

First Three Seasons of Warner Bros. Television’s Riverdale  Injected more than $103 Million in the BC Economy, Creating over 1,785 Local Jobs

FX’s The Strain has an Eye Opening Impact on Ontario’s Economy Spending over $50 Million and Creating 800 Jobs in Fourth Season of Production

Twentieth Century Fox’s Deadpool Returns to British Columbia to Make A Great Second Impression: Bringing Even Bigger Returns to the Provincial Economy

HBO Brings Classic Novel to Life As Fahrenheit 451 Heats Up Ontario’s Economy

Universal Television’s The Bold Type spent $20 million in Québec and created over 350 jobs

Universal Cable Productions‘ Channel Zero a huge boost to Manitoba’s economy in the first two seasons 

Warner Bros. Television’s Riverdale is a hit for British Columbia’s economy, spending over $60 million and creating over 1,000 jobs in two seasons of production. 

Warner Bros. It Hired 1,255 Cast and Crew Over 60 Days of Filming, spent more than $28.9 million in Ontario 

Twentieth Century Fox’s War for the Planet of the Apes contributed over $81 million to the BC Economy

Universal Cable Productions’ Eyewitness created an economic wave in Northern Ontario, production spending reached close to $30 million and created over 400 jobs in one season 

Warner Bros. Arrow a huge hit for British Columbia’s economy, spending over $360 million and creating over 7,000 jobs 

Warner Bros. Suicide Squad spent over $80 million, boosting Ontario’s economy

Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Bad Robot’s Star Trek Beyond spent over $69 million in British Columbia and created 3,925 jobs

Premier Wynne, Mayor Tory, The Mark Gordon Company and ABC Studios announce production of two TV series set to film in Toronto

Production of Twentieth Century Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse spent over $105 million in Québec

Huge economic boost for British Columbia from Warner Bros. Television’s Supernatural, spending over $500 million and 9,500 jobs created 

Production of ABC’s Once Upon a Time generates over 5,500 jobs, results in spending of over $275 Million, and creates a boost in local tourism in British Columbia

Production of NBCUniversal’s Suits creates over 2300 jobs in Ontario with spending over $100 Million


The production and distribution of movies and TV shows in Canada is a valuable cultural and economic resource. Each year, film and TV production activity takes place in provinces across the country. To find out more about the industry’s impact on specific provinces, click on the provinces below. Source: Profile 2018

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