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Supporting Creators From Script to Screen

We are the leading advocate of the film, television, and streaming industry around the world.

Around the globe, the film, television, and streaming industry drives the creative economy. The Motion Picture Association – Canada (MPA-Canada) serves as the voice and advocate of the major producers and distributors of movies, home entertainment and television programming in Canada and is an affiliate of the Motion Picture Association, Inc. (MPA).

The studios we represent – including Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Netflix Studios, LLC, Paramount Pictures Corporation, Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., Universal City Studios LLC, and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. – are among the most dynamic and entrepreneurial global companies in the film and television business.

These studios’ substantial investments in Canada support Canadian creators, talent, and technical artists. We work to reinforce the importance of copyright as fundamental to future creation and innovative distribution models. We believe in the enduring power of film and television to entertain and enrich audiences.


Charles H. Rivkin, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Charles H. Rivkin is Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association (MPA). He leads the MPA’s global mission to advance and support the film, television, and streaming content industry. The MPA’s members currently include; Disney, Netflix, Paramount, Sony, Universal, and Warner Bros. Drawing on almost 30 years of experience as a media executive and

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Eli Meir Kaplan


The MPA works globally to advance public policies that support creators, protect content, and foster a thriving creative economy. In addition to the Motion Picture Association – Canada, our regional operations include:


We Do

Humans tell stories—it’s what we do.

Today, the stories that define our lives and shape our world are brought to life by the global creative community, including the creators and artists working in film and television. We foster this economic and cultural enterprise by advocating for policies that recognize the power of our stories, reward creators, and allow us to produce, distribute, and protect the creative content audiences love.

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