Supporting Creators from Script to Screen

Humans tell stories–it’s what we do.

Today, the stories that define our lives and shape our world are brought to life by the global creative community, including the creators and artists working in film and television. We foster this economic and cultural enterprise by advocating for policies that recognize the power of our stories, reward creators, and allow us to produce, distribute, and protect the creative content audiences love.

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Advancing Creativity

Copyright empowers creators to entertain and inform, to challenge and inspire. Content protection ensures creators can benefit from their works and protects against piracy. Combined, these fundamental rights enable creators to thrive and bring great stories to global audiences.

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Fostering Innovation

The film and television industry creates and embraces new advances in technology—both in how we tell stories and how we engage audiences. Innovations in filmmaking transport audiences to new worlds and deliver content where, when, and on any device they want.

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Driving Economic Growth

Our industry supports 180,900 full-time equivalent jobs in Canada. The stories of the film and television industry are enjoyed by audiences around the world, accounting for a GDP of $12.8 billion for the Canadian economy.

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Supporting StoryTellers

Bringing creative content to the screen depends on the passion of creators from a wide array of backgrounds, geographies, skills, and pursuits. We are committed to building an inclusive pipeline and telling the diverse stories in our industry to advance the art and business of the creative economy.

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Going Green

From reduced emissions, to renewable energy, to water conservation, environmentally friendly policies are critical to the studios that make up the MPA around the world.

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